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UFC 80 Predictions and Results

UFC 80 Predictions - BJ Penn fights Joe Stevenson

This fight isn’t too difficult to call.  BJ Penn is better on his feet standing and throwing those big Hawaiian hands and he is the best in the world on the ground.  Joe Stevenson is no slouch on the ground, his Jitz is legit, but noone can roll with BJ Penn.

As I have said before BJ Penn will win this fight, or he’ll beat himself.  BJ’s fight with himself is tougher than his fight with Stevenson.  Will he show up in shape, we’ll see Saturday night.

BJ Penn will win this fight on the ground in round two.  He will hurt Stevenson in the first round with sharp jabs and quick punch combinations.  Look for Stevenson to bleed from his face early.  BJ Penn loves the rear naked choke so that is my guess, could be the infamous arm, shoulder, body bar that he loves to wreak havoc with too.

Gonzaga - Werdum (I think)

I’ve seen both of these men fight well and I’ve seen both of them lose while fighting well.  Gonzaga is famous only for knocking out Mikro Cro Cop with a high leg kick. My guess is Gonzaga doesn’t have enough in the tank and will lose in the second round.

Marcus Davis will win by decision.

BJ Penn - which one will show up?

BJ Penn is my favorite Mixed Martial Artist I have ever watched, barely edging out Fedor.  Fedor has given so many “Rocky” performances it is hard not to love him.  BJ Penn is the most well rounded fighter to grace the octagon and ring.

The problem with BJ Penn is you never know which BJ will show up to fight.  The BJ who wants to rip someone’s head off (and usually does) or the BJ that has been spending too much time at the beach (who can blame him? he lives in Hawaii for crying out loud). 

When BJ trains hard, like he did against Jens Pulver II, he is unstoppable.  That BJ Penn gives Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre the need to be worried about him stepping up in weight again. 

The sloppy BJ Penn that couldn’t finish the fight against Matt Hughes in their rematch makes me worried about paying the $40 bucks for the pay per view.

The prediction for this fight isn’t “Does BJ Penn Win or Joe Stevenson Win?”. The question is “Does BJ win, or does he beat himself?”

If you want to fight like a pro, then you must train like a pro.


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