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UFC 76 Chuck Liddell vs Kieth Jardine, Diego Sanchez takes on John FItch

UFC 76 Chuck Liddell vs Kieth Jardine

Chuck Liddell enters the octagon after losing to New "World" Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Jackson. Jackson has since gone on to defeat Pride champ Dan Henderson. Liddell has been accused of hand picking his opponent Keith Jardine. Jardine isn't a top calliber fighter in the light heavyweight division, but will put up some resistance Saturday night.

Chuck Liddell has been training hard as usual, but still lives the rock star life. Keith is training hard, trying to survive and should be hungry as hell. Our UFC 76 Prediction is Chuck Liddell winning by KO or TKO in the first round.

On the undercard we'll get to see Diego Sanchez redeem himself against John Fitch. It has been said that Fitch has been studying Sanchez while helping his spar partner Josh Koschek prepare for his fight with Diego.

Truth is Diego came out against Koschek flat. If he came out with his normal intensity, like GSP did against Koschek, he would have blown right by him. Diego, take this lesson to heart, If you want to win another fight in the UFC, you had better show up pissed off with fire in your eyes.

Our UFC 75 prediction for the Diego Sanchez vs John Fitch fight, Sanchez by KO in the first round as well. This will be a short night for the co-main events.


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