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UFC 73 Stacked Results

Ufc 73 stacked results: Sherk and Silva defend titles, Tito and Rashaad break even.

UFC 73: Stacked in Sacremento California was an incredible show.  The Co-main event saw Anderson Silva finally defend his title against Nate Marquart, an ubelievable athlete with heart.  Silva and Marquart went back and forth in the first round both fighters respecting the stand up skills of the other.  Marquart mounted Silva and looked to be comfortable with a slow pace, but when Big John McCarthy thought it was too slow he stood the fighters up.  Silva quickly capitalized with a lethal left straight sending Nate Marquart into the fence.  Silva quickly took him down and with only a few seconds left in round one, managed to pound him to a TKO stoppage.  Anderson Silva has to be thinking of Rich Franklin and the possible fight to come, We're very excited for the rematch, but hope and pray that Rich Franklin brings more to the table this time around.

Tito Ortiz and the still undefeated Rashaad Evans had a more entertaining post fight press conference than the actual fight.  Tito complained of back problems and blamed his lack of intensity on some spasms.  Rashaad looked like the fighter he always is.  Spastic on his feet and stalling on the ground.  Tito was warned in the second round for grabbing onto the fence during a take down and had a pointed deducted for a second foul.  This foul caused round two to be scored 9 - 9 and the fight a draw.  These two fighters already starting pimping Dana White for a rematch.  I enjoy watching Tito fight and hope that he can show up for a rematch 100%.

Sean "The Muscle Shark" Sherk looked like a muscle shark in his defense of the Lightweight title against challenger Hermes Franca.  Franca had some explosive knees that would have put a lesser man out cold.  You can't take anything away from Hermes Franca, he showed up and fought the fight he needed to, this fight could easily have gone his way.  Kenny Florian took a little poke at Sherk for not finishing fights, but we enjoy a professional athlete doing what he does best whether it is a win by decision or a stoppage.  The lightweight division at 155lbs is going to be a powerhouse and source of some great entertainment to come.

Our predictions for UFC 73: Stacked.
Main Event: Anderson Silva will defeat Nate Marquart by TKO in the first round. We picked it!
Main Event: Tito Ortiz will ground n pound the crap out of Rasheed Evans in the second round. Draw
Main Event: Hermes Franca will submit Sean Sherk in the fourth round. We got it wrong


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