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UFC 68 Results

UFC 68:  Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin return after being de throned.  Tim Sylvia lost his title to Randy "The Natural" Courture.

     The offered a preview and predictions for UFC 68.  The UFC is made their debut in Ohio and sold out (as usual) with ticket sales grossing 2.8 million. 
    Ohio was ready to rock. 
Tim Sylvia went in to defend his beloved Heavyweight against returning UFC vet and former champ Randy Courture.  There have been rumors that Tim Sylvia sleeps at night with his heavyweight championship belt.  Randy Courture wasn't the most spry challenger in sight, but it proved enough for him to take the belt away.  Sylvia is going to have a long road ahead of him with challengers like Brandon Vera and UFC newcomer Mikro Cro Cop Filopivic eyeing a chance at the title.  Sylvia is going to have to step it up.
    Matt Hughes made his return to the octagon after being dethroned by Georges St. Pierre in '06.  Matt Hughes will fought UFC veteran Chris Lytle.  As we had predicted, this was no cake walk for Hughes.  We thought Hughes would win by submission or decision with out a doubt that it was not going to be a long fight. Matt Hughes did a great job in the octagon deserved the victory.
    Rich Franklin works his way back to the top and his path went through Jason MacDonald.  MacDonald refuses to be used as a stepping stone shutting down both Ed Herman and Chris Leben.  This fight proved that Franklin does belong among the top contenders in the middleweight class when he KO'd MacDonald in the second round.  We believe Franklin has the fire and determination to take this weight class by storm and get the rematch with Anderson Silva he deserves.


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