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UFC 67 Results

UFC 67:  Quinton Jackson and Mikro "Cro Cop" Filopivic dominate,  The Spider retains his title and defends his pride.

It is true that the entrance of Quinton Jackson and Mikro Cro Cop to the UFC over shadowed Anderson Silva's first title defence.  What made it worse is that Ultimate Fighter Come Back winner Travis Lutter came in a pound and half over weight after being given two hours to lose the two pounds he originally weighed in over weight.  Lutter couldn't make weight, but the show went on.
    Before the fight started all we heard about was Anderson Silva was the better striker and Travis Lutter was the better grappler.  We've got news for everyone in fight land.  Anderson Silva is also a Brazilian Ju Jitzu black belt.  This guy has no weakness in view.  He submitted lutter with a nasty long legged triangle choke and sharp elbows to Lutter's melon.
    Quinton Jackson looked a tad hesitant in his fight with Marvin Eastman, but kept his cool despite a few unneccassary boo's and knocked out Eastman with a series of hard upper cuts. 
     Mikro Filopivic "Cro Cop" was very diplimatic in his stalking of Eddie Sanchez.  Eddie Sanchez played posom and made Cro Cop chase him the length of the first round.  Cro Cop was able to finish the fight strong with a solid TKO.

Joe Riggs vs. Diego Sanchez; Dec 13

Wednesday Dec. 13 Fight Night on Spike TV We picked Diego to win this fight because of his tenacity in the ring and his drive to win.  He didn't let us down.  Diego Sanchez and Joe Riggs both connected with right hands, Sanchez stumbled and Riggs went down.  Riggs immediately bounced back up only to catch a quick knee to the melon and out he went.


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