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UFC 61: Bitter Rivals

UFC 61: Bitter Rivals UFC Results

Tito Ortiz earns victory over long time rival Frank Shamrock.  As expected by everyone here at, Ortiz finished the job in the first round.  We were all expecting a ground and pound victory and got it.  Only a few had the imagination to say that Frank would last all three rounds, the thought of Shamrock pulling out a win never came up...... time to retire pal.

The undercard was very exciting.  See more at UFC.

Let's not get WWF now!

In a very interesting move, the UFC has pitted several long term rivals against each other all in one night.  The co-main event features a heavyweight title match between Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia.  Sylvia defeated Arlovski in UFC 59 Reality Check not more than a month or two ago for Arlovski's heavyweight title. 

Noone will forget the bad blood between the confident Tito Ortiz and the old school Frank Shamrock.  These two would sell out a WWF payperview event, and yet we get to see them battle again in UFC 61.  The first time these two met, September 24 1999, Frank made an unbelievable come from behind victory.  After losing the first three rounds to Ortiz, Frank was able to finish strong and regain his title.  Fast forward to Nov. 22 2002.

Tito Ortiz won an impressive match and has never let Frank forget it.  These two coach the two teams on The Ultimate Fighter 3 on Spike TV.  The bad blood boils over into almost every episode.  

Our money is on Ortiz, did anyone see the Hughes Gracie fight? 

Complete UFC fight card:

Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski

Tito Ortiz vs. Frank Shamrock

Dan Christison Vs. Frank Mir

Josh Burkman Vs. Josh Neer


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