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UFC 74 Results

UFC 74 August 25 2007; Randy Couture vs Gabriel Gonzaga, Georges St. Pierre takes on Josh Koscheck

The UFC 74 Fight Card pits Randy "The Natural" Couture headlining when he defends his new Heavyweight Title against Gabriel Gonzaga, the man who gave Mikro "Cro Cop" Filopovic a taste of his own medicine.  Gonzaga is a work horse who refuses to be known as a stepping stone for heavyweight fighters.  Gonzaga is a tough guy with multiple weapons in his arsenal.  Randy Couture was motivated to get back in the octagon again st Tim Sylvia, what is motivating him this time?

Couture is going to be a UFC hall of famer, as soon as he stays retired.  This is a tough fight to call.  On paper, Randy Couture has it in the bag.  He has the ring experienc, he is a better striker scoring wins over big names in the sport and is one of the best grapplers EVER in the UFC.  Gabriel Gonzaga literaly is a beast.  He is a huge man with bad intentions.  He is hungry.  On paper he doesn't stand a chance.  On paper he didn't stand a chance against Cro Cop either........ and we all know how that ended.

The predictions for UFC 74:
Randy Couture will win by TKO over Gabriel Gonzaga
Georges St. Pierre will win by KO over Josh Koscheck

Special Feature fight we'll see Georges St. Pierre step back into the octagon after a surprising knockout loss to Matt Scerra. Georges St. Pierre "Rush" will face a rising star in the UFC Josh Koschek. Koschek out pointed Diego Sanchez and looked good doing it not long ago.

The UFCResultsonline will make predictions for this fight card in August. Stay tuned for updates. Or email us at for an email print out of our UFC predictions for UFC 74.


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