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Ultimate Fighter Results

BJ Penn takes on Jens Pulver in a heated rematch

BJ Penn didn't shock anyone with his performance on Saturday night on the Ultimate Fighter 5 finale.  Dana White and the UFC were nice enough to let us enjoy this fight for free on Spike TV.  Jens Pulver did however shock the world with a quick show class after BJ destroyed him for little over one round.

Nate Diaz and Manny Gamburyan got off to a slow start.  Nate did what we expected of him.  He worked several submission attempts from the bottom.  Something that we enjoyed seeing from such a young fighter.  Manny came out with the dog eat dog attitude that we expected, but had problems finding enough arm length to reach Nate's face.

When Manny dislocated his shoulder we weren't surprised or disappointed.  We knew Nate would win that fight but did not expect it to happen this way.  Manny was a great fighter on the show and if he can heal properly and no rush his recovery we should see him in the octagon again.

The attention was on the Lightweight 155lb division of the UFC all night long as fighters both on the show and off impressed the crowd.  Fighters at this weight are so quick and dynamic it creates a very exciting show.

The World Fight Scene and's UFC Predictions for last Saturday night:

BJ Penn will submit Jens Pulver in the second or third round.  There will be blood. We picked it
Nate Diaz will win a split decision over Manny Gamburyan We picked it
Brandon Melendez will knock Joe Louzon out in the first round.  Brandon didn't win


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