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UFC 71 Results

UFC 71 Results | Quinton Jackson melted Chuck Liddell

     The "Ice Man" Chuck Liddell attempted to avenge a loss against world class fighter and rising UFC superstar "Rampage" Quinton Jackson in the Ultimate Fighting Championship's UFC 71.  Quinton Jackson was the last mixed martial artist to beat Chuck Liddell, and on Saturday knocked him out within the first minuted of the first round. Chuck took the loss with as much grace as someone could have, he acknowledged that he got caught, but gave no credit to Quinton.    
     Chuck Liddell has avenged two out his three losses.  After losing to Jeremy Horn, an SLC local, Chuck knocked him out (Horn's only knock out loss of his carreer!).  Chuck then knocked out Randy Courture in a Light Heavyweight title defence avenging loss number two.  The only man who stands between Chuck and redemption is Quinton Jackson.
     Quinton Jackson is known for his funny smart ass attitude.  Fans love him because he's not scared to stand in there and bang with people.  He has cement in his chin and grenades for hands.  Those grenades landed squarely on the chin of the defending Lightheavyweight UFC Champion Chuck Liddell.  Refferee "Big" John McCarthy stopped the fight just as Chuck woke up. 

     Josh Burkman lost his fight with Karo Parysian on the undercard.  This had the makings of a great fight, both fighters should have been hungry to get there name out and to show people what they had.  Instead, we saw to cautious fighters who looked like they'd been hit in the face too many times and were worried about getting their "ugly" on.

The worldfightscene makes predictions for every major Boxing and UFC fight.  For this fight we've made the following predictions:
Quinton Jackson will TKO Chuck Liddell in the late first or early second round. This fight will not go all five rounds.  Boy were we right!
Josh Burkman will lose by submission to Karo Parysian in the third round. This fight will go the distance. We got it right, but the fight went to a decision.


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