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Kick Boxing Muay Thai Pads

Muay Thai Shin Gaurds ~ MMA Shin Pads

Beyond using thai pads, there are two other muay thai pads that are essential to training. The Kick pad and the shin guard. We have different styles of shin guards for mma sparring, grappeling, and muay thai. Use the appropriate style for your training method and avoid injury while training properly.

The kick pad is a great coaching tool that allows fighters to unleash their kicks and improve power while hitting a live target instead of a bag. Kick pads are like heavy bags in the fact that they absorb an insane amount of pressure from kicks and likewise need time to be broken in. If you are kicking a kick pad for the first time you also need to understand that your foot and ankle need conditioning as well. It will sting and hurt, but as you push through the pain and your strength and technique improve, your foot will no longer hurt.

Kick Pads for Muay Thai Shin Guards for Muay Thai

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