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MMA and Muay Thai Shorts & Shirts

MMA Shirts and Shorts - MMA Clothing - MMA Apparel has MMA style fight shorts from Combat Sports and Muay Thai style fight shorts from Windy, Fairtex, Aries and Combat Sports.  We have blank MMA shorts for sponsored fighters who wish to have their sponsors logos and names printed on their shorts. We don't do the printing, but we sell the blank shorts.

It is also a rare treat to find true muay thai shorts. With the rise of MMA as a sport, muay thai has been adapted to a sport fighting art and thus the traditional garb has been scrapped to meet organizational rules. We don't sell the headbands or the armbands, but we do sell traditional muay thai shorts that can be used in both training and competition. Check em out.

MMA Shirts

MMA Shorts

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