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Go ahead and keep punching the bag with your old nasty boxing gloves.  Chances are the padding in your boxing gloves has shifted away from the knuckles, not protecting anything.  Our boxing gloves have injected molding adding weight and padding where you actually need it!  Who would have thought that science and boxing could get together and make a sweet love child boxing glove?

Most MMA, Kickboxing and Traditional Boxing gyms will have it's athletes train with a 16oz glove for conditioning and safety purposes. Every gym should require a 16oz glove be used while sparring even though smaller boxing gloves are used during competition based on weight and fighter status (pro or ammy). It is a great idea to talk to coaches, instructors and friends at the gym. Tell them about our Fairtex, Windy, Everlast and Combat sports boxing gloves. They can give you the guidance needed in picking the right glove for you and your training.

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